Saturday, November 7, 2015

Caleb is 9 Months Old

It's hard to believe in 3 months we'll be celebrating this little man's 1 year birthday. These months have been going so fast. We've enjoyed every moment of every second of the day with him. My heart skips a beat when I sneak into the room and our eyes meet. He's been showing how much of a Momma's boy he is this month. He's been going through a little seperation anxiety when he notices I walk away. But what I love most is when his face lights up when he sees me. 

This month was a blur with all the fun things we had going on. Caleb had his first Halloween and was a cute little lion just like his brother was. He also got the dreaded hand, foot and mouth virus. It was AWFUL! Or more like, it looked AWFUL! He handled it pretty well but he had these horrible blisters/boils all over his face, hands, feet and butt.

What you've been up to this month! 
  1. Two new teeth are sprouting and with that comes more drool and more whining. 
  2. You're getting pretty quick with your cruising
  3. You are getting into everything. From crawling on the fire hearth and eating ashes to pulling yourself up on a dirty toilet that your brother left the seat up. I've had a number of parent fail moments this month.
  4. You eat so much food! and you aren't picky!!
  5. You've slowed down on the nursing.
  6. You just recently gotten into liking your paci and I love it. There's just something so cute about a baby and a paci!
  7. You like bath time a lot. 
  8. You like to pick up toys and throw them
  9. You wave 

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