Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Growing, Growing, Growing

Luke had a successful 6 month doctor check-up. The older he gets the more squirmy he gets though. He was a tough one to hold down and keep still as the nurse and doctor scanned his little body. He's also more aware of what's going on and as soon as the nurse held him down for his shots he knew what was coming. Here are his ratings for this visit. He's a skinny little guy so maybe he'll have another growth spurt soon?

Side note: I accidently scheduled this visit on a day that Dave had to work and I was nervous to go by myself knowing that Luke was getting another set of shots. That morning Dave called to let me know his Chief was going to let him off for a couple of hours. I was so thankful, I was not ready to handle Luke getting those horrible shots by myself!
Height: 27" (50%)
Weight: 16lbs (25%)
Head: 44.6cm (75%)

Here are some photos from the event:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Luke's First Beach Trip!

Luke had his first trip to Florida and my gosh was it packed full of fun. First, we went to Orlando and stayed at the nice Omni Resort where there were pools, lazy rivers and golf. We met Grammy, Pop-Pop, Aunt Heather, Uncle Nick and cousins Isabella, Olivia and Max. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone and absolutely adorable to see Luke interact with his cousins. He played so nicely with them! Second, Dave and I spent a night at Clearwater Beach. It was supposed to be two nights but a monsoon decided to come through and it was a little hard to keep a baby cooped up in a hotel room for an entire day let alone two days. Then of course the end of the trip in Tampa was beautiful  without a rain cloud in site so we decided to make day trips to the beach. We were excited and anxious to let Luke meet the ocean for the first time. The first day the waves were a little ruff and we thought it may scare Luke. Dave and I were prepared to take it slow because we didn't want Luke to have a bad experience. Well, Luke loved it! We decided to sit him in the sand right at the shore line. So what did Luke decide to do? He dug his little hands in the sand scooped a handful and shoved it into his mouth! To say he loved it would be an understatement. One of the waves knocked him down and giggles from Luke were the aftermath. We got a few glares from onlookers. They looked at us like we were crazy having an infant in the water. The rest of the day was spent surfing the waves. Later that evening Grammy and Pop-Pop had relatives over for a "Welcome to the World" party for Luke. He got to meet almost all of his relatives on the Gentile side.

Funny Story: We grabbed some food and headed to the beach one afternoon and as we were sitting enjoying our meal a HUGE and when I say huge I mean about (40) seagulls flocked our way and hovered above our heads. They were literally inches from hitting our heads. I have never in my life been scared of birds. In fact, I've made fun of those who are and thought, how could anyone be scared of such little, harmless creatures?? Well the joke was on me this time. I got so freaked out I started running with the only things in my arms being my diaper bag and drink. As I was running I look up to see the (40) seagulls followed me and were STILL hovering inches from my head I freaked out again dropped my diaper bag and drink and started running again. I got low to the ground and they FINALLY flew away. My heart was racing! I looked back at Dave and Luke to see Dave laughing uncontrollaby.

Here are some pictures from the trip. We can't wait for the next trip!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Luke is 6 Months Old

Luke is 6 Months Old! Well, actually he is almost 6 months old, we're a few days early:). He is half way to a year which is really hard to believe but after looking at these pictures you'd believe it. He's getting so big! We're about to head to Florida and we wanted to make sure we posted his 6 month status report before leaving. Luke has been up to alot this month and has reached quite a number of milestones. Here is our list of his milestones and things we love about our little boy.

  • Dave is on a mission to teach Luke how to swim. I know he's only 6 months but it's fun to see him kick those little feet in the water. Luke LOVES to swim. He's almost floating by himself. Dave has got it to where he just holds his head for a little support.
  • Luke is loving his solids. So far he has tried carrots, bananas, peas and rice cereal. I think we'll try avocados, sweet potatoes and pears next.
  • Well so much for sweet smelling poops! With solid food comes solid and rancid poop. Agh, both Dave and I gag when we change him. Those poopy diapers go straight to the outside garbage can! One good thing that's come of the solid poop is maybe no more diaper blowouts??? We haven't seen one for a couple of weeks now!
  • Luke still sleeps great, 10-12 hours.
  • Luke still nurses well also. One time we went down to 4x's. Now it's 5x's and he's pretty much let go of the extra feeding that got it to 6x's. It's crazy to think back to that first month when he was feeding 12x's a day and then it went down to 8x's a day. I remember being so exhausted and feeling like a cow being milked. I may try and slowly ween Luke off the breastmilk soon. At least that's what I've told myself. I think it will be harder for me to give up then I realize.
  • He now talks and has conversations with the fan.
  • He loves to play with his wooden blocks.
  • He inches and scoots so well now.
  • He sits up on his own.
  • He still giggle giggle giggles and squeals:)
  • We found his first birth mark located on his top right foot.
  • He loves to touch, feel and grab things.
  • He's a little snorter.
  • He likes to pick things up with his feet.
  • He likes to put his feet in his mouth.
  • He loves to play peek a boo and hide and seek with Mommy and Daddy.
Upcoming Events: We're excited to head to Florida for our roadtrip. Luke will be meeting his cousins, great grandmas, aunts and uncles on the Gentile side. When we get back from our trip we'll be visiting the doctor for another round of shots as well as a status report on his growth. We are looking forward to it all!

Luke's 6 Month Photo Shoot