Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It ends with a Bang!

Welp, I thought I was going to get better at posting but it seems my last entry was back in April and it's late October! With very good reason though...the entire summer plans changed when my sister got engaged and decided she wanted to have a summer wedding! I knew I would have to step it up and take on my matron of honor duties and then some. The wedding and all it's festivities were a success. I managed to plan (with the help of others of course) her wedding, a shower, a bachelorette party and take full control of flowers and decor for the wedding. It was a hefty task but well worth it for my best friend and sister who will only have this special moment once. Along with the wedding we managed to squeeze in two family vacations, exterior house renovations, my best friends baby shower/baby, Luke growing and learning by the second and conceiving a second child. Whoa, we managed to squeeze that last one in there, WHAT!?:). Let's just say the famous line (It happens when you least expect it) happened to us. We were so very excited to hear the news as we had been trying since we miscarried back in January. God is good and everything is in His perfect timing not ours. So it has been a busy busy fun fun summer!

Here are our family vacation pictures from when we spent some relaxing days at the Omni Resort Orlando with the Gentile's and lazy beach days with the Young's at Outer Banks, North Carolina. We are so blessed and thankful our parents can treat us to these annual trips. We enjoy them so much and they will have lasting memories with the kiddies!!

Orlando trip with the Gentiles. You'll notice Luke looks a little glassy eyed and sad in most of these pictures. Turns out his molars sprouted soon after we left!

The Young Family trip to the Outerbanks. Luke and Elli were too cute together. They acted much like brother and sister, loving each other one minute and Elli yelling "Go Way" the next. 

And lastly, our long awaited newbie coming soon to the Gentile household April 7, 2013! We are thrilled beyond words. We have 3 more weeks until we find out the sex. I'm DYING to know already!!