Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! No need to do a write up the pictures say it all:)

Sweet Faces

Picture taken by my talented hubby:) My favorite yet:)
I love, love, love this picture that Dave took. While we were in Hilton Head I went on and on {i'm pretty sure I sounded like a broken record} about how I wanted to make sure, before we left, we got nice pictures of Luke on the beach dressed in a {cute} outfit. The last day we were there Luke woke up earlier then usual. Dave took over, while I slept in. When I woke up an hour later Dave surprised me with this photo and the one's below. He had gotten Luke dressed and went out to the beach during sunrise and taken these photos and several others. What a way to top off a vacation!! Such a thoughtful husband:)

The long awaited list is here again. Luke is 14 months and 1-1/2 weeks old, whew! It's true what they say, the older they get the busier YOU get. I guess it doesn't help that I squeeze in working from home while he takes his naps, but I'm making it work {sometimes by the skin of my teeth}!
  • He is incredibly active and runs everywhere now.
  • He likes to climb. We went to chick-fil-a and he climbed to the top of the play gym and played in the hamster tubes. He's also climbed a step ladder without me noticing!
  • He LOVES the outdoors. He points outside and signs 'please' when he wants to go out. He even finds his shoes and sits in front of me so I can put them on (he evens tries to put them on himself). He associates shoes with outside!
  • He LOVES to read. He pulls books off the shelves and brings them to me signing 'please' he then sits in my lap and waits patiently for me to read. It's nice to have him cuddle close for a good read:).
  • He signs for just about everything now. He signs; please, help, more, all done, milk. We're working on Mommy, Daddy, water and thank you.
  • During our last doctor's visit our pediatrician suggested we ween Luke off the pacifier. Our first step was a success. We only give it to him while he's taking a nap or bedtime. When we go to get him up we say 'bye, bye pacifier' and Luke pulls it out of his mouth and throws it in the crib. Sometimes I even forget and he'll hold it and look at me like, 'mommy aren't you going to say something?.' Next step will be to remove it from the crib. I think I may wait a while on this one:).
  • He gives open mouth kisses that are intoxicating;).
  • He gives great big hugs.
  • He likes to wave at people but I think he likes to wave at cars more.
  • He loves Rufus and other dogs. He'll get right up to them and pat them. He giggles when there tails smack him in the face.
  • He's not really into words yet but is all about the sounds (such a boy, right?). He mimics sneezing, coughing, farting, sighing, laughing, sniffing, blowing, etc. We even noticed that when Grampa called for Beau by puckering his lips and making a sound Luke walked around doing the same.
  • He eats great with a fork and spoon. In fact, more times then not he prefers it. He's even able to get peas to stay on the spoon and make it into his mouth.
  • He likes to eat and drink. He's into sandwiches so I make panini's and grilled cheese for him often.
  • His favorite veggie is broccoli and green beans and peas are a close second:).
  • Can you believe this little guy hasn't had juice yet?! He eats so much fruit through the day I don't see the need. His favorite fruits are bananas, clementines, pears and grapes.

My little daydreamer, just like me:)

Beach Bound!

I'm back from taking a little sabbatical of posting month to month. It's hard to write again after you've taken such a long break. Luke is still as fun as ever. We got back from our second trip to the beach with some friends of ours a couple of weeks ago. This time the beach was WAY more fun for Luke. We bought him a bucket and shovels and he played at the shoreline digging away. He was a busy bee with all the sand and water. The water was pretty chilly but that didn't stop Luke from testing out the waves. The waves, crashing on the shoreline, were a little strong for his legs to take so he decided to get down on his hands and knees and crawl into the ocean. The waves would crash over him and he would take a big gasp in (mostly because of the cold water) and then laugh and smack his mouth. He really liked the taste of the salt water. Luke had so much fun at the beach it was hard to leave everyday without him putting up a fight. He played so hard each day that he slept like a baby for naps and bedtime and ate like a cow the entire trip:). We're looking forward to the summer and spending more time in the sun! Of course, I couldn't resist taking a million pictures while we were there and here are not even a 1/3 of what I took;). Enjoy!