Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Katelyn is 6 Months Old

Katelyn is 6 months old! She's already half a year old?? I'm in denial. This is going way too fast! This month flew by and we didn't even have big plans. I can't imagine what the next months have in store for us with the all the holidays coming up. Last month Kate was a pro at rolling and literally 3 weeks ago she gets on her hands and knees and starts rocking back and forth getting ready to crawl! Now every time she's on the floor she gets in this stance and rocks away. She's gotten forward with one crawl then falls to her belly and army crawls. She's very persistent though. She's a determined little booger:).

Here's our list:
  • Her eyes are still blue. I think they might turn to light brown or hazel though, I'm seeing faint brown streaks.
  • You have pretty much gone down to two naps a day instead of three. Luke stayed at three for much longer. I'm sensing you won't be the sleeping type. You tend to take just 45-1 hour long naps occasionally a 2 hour nap{sigh}.
  • You sleep 12 hours at night (or should I say you stay in your crib for 12 hours at night). I hear you wake up in the middle of the night talking. I look at the monitor and you are 'bright eyed and bushy tailed'. You eventually doze off to sleep again.
  • You started eating solids and gobble it up! Luke likes to help with the feeding.
  • I've slowly starting teaching you sign language. Luke helps me teach you also.
  • You are as smiley as can be.
  • You like to hear yourself cough. When you get excited and laugh you cough too.
  • You are quite the squealer and talker.
  • You are giggly and ticklish. We LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear the giggles.
  • You sit up, but you still can't catch your fall and will fall right on your head:)
  • Your favorite toy right now is the jump-n-go. You especially like when Luke pushes you in it.
  • When I put you down for naps and nighttime you like to put your blankie over your face. Luke liked to do this too.
  • You are very much a do-er. If you see something, you want it and you get it.
  • When you get excited you repeatedly open and close your hands.
  • When you get tired your eyes get red and glassy.
  • You are starting to teeth {let's hope the teeth come soon!}.
  • You want to crawl so badly and you are getting so close!
Here's our photo shoot. She is just so lovably darling. We love her!