Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Surprise Party + 1 Wedding + 1 Vacation + 1 Two Month Doctor Visit = A month that flew by!

Wow this month flew by! We cramed so much in this month and had so much fun! Sharon and I planned a surprise 50th Birthday Party for my Mom, I started back to work with a wedding, then we went on our first vacation as a family of three and to end the month with a bang Luke had his 2 month doctor check-up with shots! All the while our little munchkin was a trooper through it all. Here are some highlights from this last month!
The Surprise Party!
This was a tough one to pull off. I see my Mom all the time now and too keep something like that a secret was almost impossible! It turned out amazing and was so much fun to plan!

The Wedding!
Mommy tried her first big wedding with the MOSS girls. Little Luke and Daddy tagged along for the ride so that I could continue to breastfeed. It was a success!

The Vacation!
Our vacation was amazing! My Mom and I headed for our road trip to NC without the men, they had to come later. Since it is an 11 hour drive we decided to make a pit stop at the half way point and stayed at a hotel. Luke did great the first day! The second day Mr. Garmin sent us on a little goose chase and took us an hour out of the way. We were NOT happy. I so badly wanted to throw that thing out the window! Note to self, trust the Iphone map versus the Garmin map:). With all things considered our little man did a great job on his first road trip! We spent the whole week relaxing in a beach house with Grammy, Granpa, Uncle Eric, Aunt Lauren and Elliana! It was SO much fun and great to see Eric and Lauren and finally meet there sweet Elli! We love you guys so much and miss you already. I miss kissing Elli's sweet little face!

The 2 Month Doctor Visit!
He did such a good job!
  • Height: 23-1/2" and in the 75 percentile
  • Weight: 11lbs 12oz and in the 50 percentile
  • Head: 41cm and in the 75 percentile. He know longer has such a big noggin;)
He follows you with his little eyes. He stands up while you hold him. He holds onto things. He tugs at his clothes. He clasps his hands. He sucks his hands. He smiles even more (he has a bashful and flirty smile now that is so cute). He laughs. He slept for 9 hours two nights, we're hoping to see more of this:)!

Major regrets for this month: We HATE that we didn't record Luke getting his shots! I thought it would be so cruel to do so but he was so darn cute through it all we would have loved to capture the moment. We will definitely be recording his 4 month shots and will post it on the blog:)

And lastly our 2 Month photo shoot with Luke!