Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Halloween

These holidays just keep getting better the older the kids get. Halloween and fall festivities were so much fun this year, even if we didn't get to make our annual trip to Yahoo Farms or to Hillcrest Apple Orchards. We were just too busy. Luke and Kate were into pumpkin patches this year. Kate would call any pumpkin she came across a 'punkin patch'. We went to two local farms this year instead driving a couple hours further and the kids seemed to have just as much fun! I don't know what it is about pumpkins that makes them so exciting but they loved them and the ones at the grocery store were getting excitement!

Us parents got kind of excited with the anticipation of Halloween and asked Luke back in late September what he wanted to be. Captain America! Every week, almost everyday he wanted to know when he could trick or treat. It was a loooonnnng four weeks. Maybe we'll be a little more last minute next year;). He was so excited about being Captain America he would tell just about everyone he came across. Not to mention Daddy HAD to be the incredible Hulk and I HAD to be Wonder Woman. Kate was the fairy;).

For our little outgoing man we were excited to throw a Halloween party with friends and also have friends come along for trick or treating. He had so much fun.

The day of Halloween we had fun carving our pumpkin and preparing the house for friends. Luke enjoyed being able to carve the pumpkin and actually hold the knife himself! Kate enjoyed just sitting back and watching. She wasn't a big fan of the gooey insides but baby Grace sure was! Trick or treating was cut short due to unexpected rain but that didn't stop the fun from happening in the house. Luke also liked to be in charge of passing out candy.

Here are some fun pictures that highlight all the fun we've had this fall.