Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kate's Hospital Visit

Our baby girl had to get tubes in her ears this past winter. It was a hard decision to make since we didn't want to see our sweet little 9 month old have to undergo surgery. After a long three months of constant fluid and continual ear infections we and the doctors decided it was the best decision. She had been in so much pain because of the ear infections. 

The procedure took place at the hospital's outpatient facility. Everyone was very nice. I don't think they see many babies so the nurses were all over Katelyn:). She got a cute little teddy bear and got to ride in a little radio flyer while we were waiting for surgery. Katelyn of course had no idea what was going on so she was having fun just exploring everything. When the doctor came she said it will be really quick (10 minutes) and that nothing will hurt Kate. However, she did mention the side effects of the anestheia will make her very upset when she wakes up. She prepared us for screaming and crying. So we waited and waited and sure enough about 10 minutes later I could hear my little Kate screaming. That moment felt like eternity. I wanted to run back there and hold her. They finally let us go back to be reunited. She was being a calmed by a sweet nurse who was rocking her. 

We are so happy we decided to go through with the surgery. Everything went perfect afterwards. She hasn't had a single ear infection since. I'm praying this winter they either stay in or we won't have any ear infection problems. It was worth it but I'd rather not have her go through surgery again:)

Here are some pictures from the event. She was a real trooper.