Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luke is 9 Months Old

This month really flew by! We moved for Luke's 9 month birthday, which is why we are over a week late with our posting! Plus we were waiting on Grammy's sewing machine to work again in order for us to post him in his cute little onesie:). Well, the machine failed us and we're stuck with just a simple white onesie this month.

We've finally settled in the new house for the most part and Luke's adjusting quite well to his new room and home. I thought maybe he would have a hard time sleeping, but so far so good! We've met a few of our neighbors who were nice enough to come by with cookies, flowers, pies and a casserole! One of them even got a gift just for Luke! We are so thankful and blessed that the Lord has given us this beautiful home with great neighbors. Embarrassing neighbor moment: Our new house has a fenced in yard but one day I decided to let Rufus out the front door. Well, Rufus saw our new neighbors dog and ran over to say hi. I walked over and met the new neighbor who was really nice. As we were talking Rufus was roaming the street. As I'm yelling for him to get back, he trots across the street to another neighbors house I haven't met and decided to take a squat right at the steps of there front porch! I was mortified!! I had to go over there later that day to clean up, thinking surely they had seen him do it thru their window. When I walked over I realized he didn't actually take a squat. So then I had to introduce myself to them for the first time and explain why I was over there with a trash bag in my hands. The good thing was they are a young couple with kids and are really nice. Whew!

In this month Luke decided it was time for some teeth to come in. He had a total of FOUR teeth come in. The first one to come in was his top tooth. He's been suffering this month with alot of pain. Mommy can tell because he's been whiny, drooling, chewing on absolutely everything and sometimes even had diarrhea:( His crib is covered in teeth marks. He's got a good bite too, watch out! When he chomps down he doesn't let go and it hurts! It's like puppy teeth, but worse.

Luke's business:

  • He's eating finger foods much better now that some teeth have come in. He's not into fruit or veggies yet. He likes the puffs, wheat bread, cheese, bananas, carrots and rice cakes.
  • He learned to wave, so cute!
  • He's cruising
  • He takes his baths in the garden tub and loves it! Can you believe it took me this long to get him in the tub?? It was mainly because I didn't feel like bending over to wash him:)
  • He points at everything but mainly lights. It's so cute!
  • He's nosy. He'll push his way through things just to see what's going on.
  • He likes to be around people and apart of things.
  • I keep all his baby foods in a basket on the floor in the kitchen. He loves to dig through it and play.
  • I keep one lower cabinet in the kitchen filled with tupperware. It keeps him busy while Mommy cooks dinner.
  • We finally got the video monitor working again in our new house. Mommy loves to watch you when you wake up from naps. You sit up and play with your stuffed animals.
  • We've already started a little disciplining. We say "No" and show the sign for it. If he gets into things that could be dangerous, which seems to be everyday, we give him a light squeeze on the inner thigh. He's caught on and blocks his thigh when we say "no." He also likes to laugh at us sometimes when we say no. It's almost like he things it's a game...:) I can already tell it's going to be hard to keep a straight face when disciplining. He's just so darn cute even when he gets into trouble!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Luke's First Halloween

I'm a little behind but Luke was a lion for his first Halloween, "put-em up, put-em up." He was so cute crawling around in the grass. He actually looked like a lion! Grammy, Grandpa and Beau came over for the big event. Beau and Rufus didn't know what to think of Luke in costume. I think they thought he was a toy for them to play with. Since Luke was a little to small to go out trick or treating he helped pass out candy to trick or treaters that came by.