Monday, February 17, 2014

Mommy to Bee Baby Shower

I had a lot of fun pulling this shower off with some friends. Let Pinterest, Blogs and creative juices flowing take credit for this splendid shower! for an amazing skin care line and business opportunity!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Luke is 3!

Our little boy turned 3! I don't know how we will ever top this birthday party. The kids had so much fun and the parents seemed to even be enjoying themselves too. 

Luke has been loving firetrucks and firefighting. Visiting Daddy at the fire station is one of his favorite things. We thought three would be the perfect age for this kind of party {and it helped that Dave worked at a newly built fire station that was squeaky clean:)}. I kind of got excited and told Luke about his birthday party a month before so he had been talking about it non-stop, asking about his birthday cake and birthday hat. It's kind of a gamble I think to know how your kid is going to react to all the stimulation but Luke did great and had a blast. We loved to be able to watch Luke play with all his pre-school friends. I always wondered what Luke was like at pre-school and now I know, WILD (jk) he's just a boy that's all. He was especially close buds to one boy in particular and it was cute to see them play and rough house.

We set up 1.5 hours prior to the party and as soon as we set up the crew received a house fire call. Dave prepared me that the kids may not get to see the fire truck because they usually stay out several hours for a fire. We started the party with pizza and then had a fun game planned for the kids afterward. It was a huge hit. Dave built an apartment with flames in the windows {Pinterest inspired}. The kids had to put out the fire in each of the windows and then climb up to the top window to rescue the puppy! The boys loved it. The girls, not as much:). After the game it was yummy cake time. By then the truck had still not made it back so Dave got out his fire gear and gave them a little lesson. Luke had never seen his Daddy decked out in his gear before and was in complete awe. Just as Dave was wrapping up the lesson the fire truck pulled up. The perfect ending to a perfect party.

We opened presents when we got home, after his nap. Some of his favorites were; fire uniform, dinosaur that roars and walks, batman stuff, dragon, cars and sword. He loved everything but these items he plays with everyday!

A couple days later was his actual birthday so we had a fun day of celebrating! We had a nice birthday breakfast then went to Champion Kids gym and Chick-Fil-A for the lunch and then PB&J for dinner {because that's what he said he wanted for his birthday meal}. And of course yes, we had cupcakes at the end! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kate is 10 Months Old

It's really hard to believe this little girl that we held in our arms for the first time {with what seems like yesterday} is now ten months old. She brings so much spunk to our family and we are loving every second with her. We look at her and Luke in amazement and thank God for these wonderful blessings.

This was another busy month. Kate still had ongoing ear infections and fluid so we made the decision for her to have the procedure for tubes. She was a brave little girl and did so well. We are happy to have that behind us so we can move forward and hopefully have no more ear infections! We also celebrated big brother's 3rd birthday at Daddy's fire station.

This is what you've been up to this month
  • You can sign 'more' and 'all done'
  • You wave, give hugs and kisses
  • You are quite the squealer and screamer. It's very loud:)
  • You are very vocal
  • You like when Luke spits water in your face when you're taking baths {I know it sounds weird. We told Luke not to do it at first but then when Kate let out her belly laughs we figured she didn't mind}
  • You like when Luke pulls your leg and drags you around the floor {Luke likes this too}
  • You like to wrestle with Daddy and Luke
  • You love to eat. Your favorites are blueberries, bread and carrots but you pretty much eat anything. {ah, this is so refreshing for Mommy since Luke was such a picky eater}
  • You like to butt-heads
  • You love when Mommy reads you books. I read you an animal book and every time I 'moo' you laugh. You like to point at the pictures. Your favorites are Goodnight Moon and Animal Parade.
  • You like to play with Luke's toys and not really your toys.
  • You play very nicely by yourself
  • You can stack blocks
  • You like to put things in and out of baskets
  • You love your big brother. I can see it in your eyes and the way you look at him and watch him play. You just adore him. 
  • You like Rufus and like to bang on the window to get his attention. You also squeal and yell for him.
  • Luke helps Mommy out a lot but making sure you don't get into things that are dangerous. He'll pick you up and move you away.
  • It's fun to hear Luke and you giggle and play together. Luke likes to say, "Kate, watch this!" and then do something silly to make you laugh.
  • You are a very brave girl and are not easily scared. Vacuum cleaners and doctor visits are the biggest examples of this. 
  • You have been standing on your own and balancing a little bit. 

And here is our lovely little Kate. Growing so much and so fast. {It was a challenge taking pictures this month. She's all over the place and won't sit still!}