Saturday, November 7, 2015

Caleb is 8 Months Old

A month late in posting because I just could't squeeze in the time to upload the pictures. Can't believe how fast our guy is growing. It's been a fun month and he's been up too a lot. Mostly teething, drooling and getting teeth in this month!

Here's what's been happening..
  • You like to say, babababa
  • When you get excited you squeal and you like to compete with your brother and sister yelling the loudest
  • You like to wrestle with us
  • You've tried to stand up without holding onto anything.
  • You've been furniture cruising
  • You got another tooth in this month. You now have one on the bottom and one on the top
  • You've bit me several times nursing. Not fun. :)
  • You like to make sounds with your mouth
  • You like to pull Kate's hair
  • You are pretty tough and can grab toys back if they are taken from you
  • You like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth
  • You love to find shoes and put them in your mouth
  • You found the stairs and get to them quickly. You even crawl up them. There may have been a couple times you fell down the first two steps. Not a proud moment for me...

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