Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kate's first day of Preschool!

This was Kate's first year and she was just too cute and so excited to be doing something her older brother gets to do. I've never seen someone so excited to head off to school. I thought for sure once we would walk to class fear would creep in and she would decide it wasn't for her. Nope, she went straight into class without any hesitation. So much so, I had to walk into her class to make her give me a hug and kiss good bye. She was just too busy and independent for me. She's all about carrying her book bag and finding it herself when she gets out of class for the day.

I love how when I asked her how she liked her first day she actually answered! She said it was good and I asked what they learned and she said the days of the week. It's also really cute to watch her recite the snack time prayer. I love seeing those cute chunky hands being folded together and eyes squinted head bowed as they pray. So cute! She learned to tickle the wall (genius teacher idea to get the kids to stay against the wall!).

Katelyn has grown up so much since her 2nd birthday. She is such a little Momma. Always helping with Caleb and telling him and Luke what to do. She loves to make up her own songs and will dance, walk and play while singing. She also loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Minnie Mouse. She's really into superheroes and pretending she's batman too. Probably because the only dress up clothes she has in the house are Luke's....guess I need to purchase a couple princess gowns...:). Kate has an insane vocabulary and literally blows us away every day with her dialogue. Most the time she has us rolling with laughter because she's just so funny. She is also quite the artist. She usually prefers to draw and paint her masterpieces on the walls, table and her body so I don't have proof of her creativeness on paper quite yet. I'm very impressed with her skills though. She's able to draw shapes and copy letters. She holds her own too and keeps up very well with big brother. Of course she's also stubborn (two stubborn parents makes for all stubborn children) and has decided to not be potty trained. As much as she is a big girl with her milestones she still in her heart wants to be a baby. She's not quite ready to make that step.

Here she is off to her first day of preschool. Thank you Grammy and Pa-pa for the scholarship;). They are so happy!!

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