Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Katelyn is 2 Months old!

This month went much better and we've almost worked out all the kinks:). I ended up getting mastitis AGAIN but this time was a lot better then the first. I got some great advice from a nurse at Kate's pediatrician office. I went over Katelyn's acid re-flux symptoms and while I reviewed them with her she mentioned that her crying while nursing didn't have anything to do with the re-flux and that Kate probably just doesn't like how fast my letdown was. I heard this from the lactation consultants too but the nurse told me to pump BEFORE I nurse instead of after I nurse. This trick worked wonders. We don't have Katelyn on Zantac anymore because this simple advice seemed to fix the problem! I pumped before nursing this entire month and today was the first day I didn't. I'm hoping she'll grow out of this picky request soon.

Katelyn has changed so much since last month. It's been so much fun to see her grow and develop every week. We've been soaking in every moment and unlike with Luke I have decided to hold her as much and as long as I want. I'm not so strict on my schedule as I was with Luke. I learned very quickly that the baby stage goes quick and once they hit toddler (1 year) they don't want to sit still and be held!

Luke has been so so sweet with his little sister. When Katelyn is on her activity mat, Luke gets down with her and kisses, hugs and talks to her. One day I heard him telling her "Daddy loves you" over and over again while lying next to her. It makes me so proud to see him already taking on the big brother role so well.

Here is what Katelyn's been up to!

  • You smile a lot! You like when we get real close to your face and make funny baby sounds
  • You gave your first laugh while Uncle Eric and Aunt Lauren were in town. Your first laugh was with Aunt Lauren and then cousin Elliana made you laugh
  • Now you laugh often. When I copy your laugh you copy back. It sounds almost like a cough
  • You coo and it sounds so sweet and girly
  • You love your activity mat and have done well lifting your head up during tummy time
  • You have become more efficient with nursing. You went from nursing up to 12x's a day in the first couple of weeks to 8x's a day to now 7-5x's a day!! You still like to nurse a long time but at least you cut the amount of times you nurse in half! 
  • You are pretty picking with how you like to be nursed. You started going on a little strike and now the only way I can get you to keep nursing is by walking you around. I guess I get to burn more calories while doing it!
  • You went from sleeping 2-4 hour stretches the first couple weeks to 4-6 and now you are 6-8 hour stretches! You have an occasional 9 hour stretch but they're rare.
  • Luke likes to hold you, read to you, wake you up in the morning by climbing into your crib, kissing you and hugging you
  • You like to suck on your fingers.
  • You still have all your hair!
  • You're a gassy girl:). I have to tell people when I'm in public it was you that passed gas but I'm not sure they believe me:)
Here's our 2 month old!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kate's first bath

This was from Katelyn's first bath, after she was one week old. She didn't like the water at first but quickly got used to it. Luke was a helpful big brother and helped along the way. It took some coaching on my part to keep him from pouring the water all over her head. I can't say he listened every time but she didn't seemed to mind to much:).

I also added pictures of Luke holding Katelyn for the first time when she was two weeks old. This was a sweet moment. Up until this point Luke pretty much ignored her. Not that he was mean, he just didn't acknowledge that she was there. I would ask Luke everyday if he would like to hold her and he always gave a quick Nooo...Nope! So I figured it'll happen when he's ready. Sure enough that evening he said "hold-ee hold-ee" so I set him up on the chair with the Boppy and he held her for the first time. He was so sweet and gentle, it made me a proud Mama:)