Friday, May 17, 2013

Kate's Newborn Photo Session

We got our pictures back from Kate's newborn photo session and I am so happy and pleased! This was my one huge regret with Luke. We did pictures when he was a few months old but not when he was brand spank'n new and I was so sad. That precious look goes away so quickly! We decided to bite the bullet {more so Dave then me} and pay for professional photos. The photographer we used was amazing and does great with kids. There are a lot of photographers out there and I did my research this time around because Dave wanted me to find someone the was flexible with the variety in pictures as well as reasonable in price. Big shout out to Coco Collier Photography you were more then wonderful;). And here they are!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grammy and Pop-Pop meet Kate

Last week Grammy and Pop-Pop came to visit and meet Katelyn for the first time! God's timing couldn't have been anymore perfect. I literally got my mastitis the morning Grammy came in. There visit was so nice and refreshing. They helped cook, clean and most importantly spend time with Luke while I spent most my time in my room getting some much needed rest in order to heal. If they weren't there I don't know what I would've done. We even convinced them to stay a couple more days so I can be completely healed. Thanks so much for everything Grammy and Pop-Pop!

Kate is 1 Month Old

Kate is 1 month old. Time really does fly by when you're chasing around a toddler as well. God's taught me a lot this month. HUMILITY being one of them, REST being the other. With Luke, I had the perfect birth, he was sleeping through the night by the 4th day and for the most part the perfect nursing experience. With Kate, we had some unexpected hiccups along the way. She was born tongue-tied which we had to get snipped. I too was born tongue-tied {I think it may be hereditary}. This procedure helped her with nursing and she began to eat and gain weight better. She was also diagnosed with acid re-flux  Luke had this but since he would spit up we never had to treat it. We have Kate on medication because she doesn't spit up but instead swallows it back down which then burns her esophagus  This causes a lot of pain for her in the evenings. Acid re-flux also causes her to nurse really slowly. She will literally nurse for 30-45 minutes on each side totally up to an hour! Every now any then she'll do 15-25 minutes on each side. This is pretty exhausting for me and not to mention coming up with things for Luke to do during these nursing sessions!! Between the tongue-tie, not getting enough rest and pulling her off the breast when she really wasn't finished; I developed mastitis. I've heard the horror stories of this horrible infection and they're all true. It's one of the worst things I've experienced. I had severe headaches, body aches, chills (my body was shaking uncontrollably) and not to mention my boobs hurt like {bleep} and I had to nurse the whole time through it. That's the only way to get the clogged ducts out. So no more bragging from me about how much I have it all together and how easy NB's are. It's been tough. I'm praying this month will be better with my mastitis gone and Lord willing this medication for Kate works!

Despite these hiccups along the way we are really enjoying our little bundle of sweetness. She is just so stinkin cute!! She makes the cutest noises. We're seeing a mixture of the both of us in her. She definitely has my nose (maybe even more of my mom's nose then mine) I thought she had my eyes but they're looking more like Dave's eyes the more she grows. She has my hairline and all that hair might come from Dave's side. Her little body is looking more like Mommy's too.
  • When you cry you sing "La La". Luke would sing "Ma Ma"
  • You are an extremely quite sleeper sometimes I barely see your chest moving 
  • You hardly spit up {Daddy says you're lady like about it}
  • You are a grunter
  • You like to be held and you've been spoiled this month with lots of holding
  • Mommy loves to kiss your sweet little mouth 
  • We love love love all of your hair
  • Your big brother is loving to take care of you. When we put you in your swing he'll turn on the music and push you.
  • Luke also likes to hold you. He gets the boppy and sits on the couch all ready to go! He also likes to touch, pat and kiss you
  • You are a very SLOW eater. Mommy hopes you get quicker at this:). 
  • You like your milk and quickly exceeded your birth weight before your 2 week doctor visit
  • You like to fall asleep on Mommy and Daddy's chest
  • Your favorite hold is upright on the shoulder
  • You like car rides and loud noise. Both put you to sleep! 
  • You've slept a handful of times through the night (6 hours) but you mostly sleep 4 hours.
  • We just moved you to your bedroom and Mommy gets much better sleep!

It's also been crazy to see how different you are, as a mom, when you have a second child. With Luke, we would tip toe around him while he was sleeping. I'd stay home during his nap times. With Kate we've got dogs barking, Luke running around hollering and shouting and none of this seems to bother her!

Aunt Sharon came over to visit when we took these pictures. Kate was fast asleep and Sharon decided to put an ice cube to her skin. She finally woke up and then maybe 5 minutes into taking pictures she fell back asleep again. Here is sleepy little Kate!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kate at 1 week old

It's gonna be hard to post things on time but here are some pictures I took of Kate a few weeks ago. She was 1 week old. I took these to see if I could get away with not hiring a photographer but realized quickly the editing techniques that professionals use are way to cool to pass up. So coming soon will be professional pictures of little miss Kate when she was two weeks old! I can't wait to see them!!