Thursday, August 6, 2015

Caleb is 6 Month's Old!

Oh my, this face. Everyday, all day long, I get to see this sweet smile. I just can't get enough! Everything about him is infectious; his smile, smell, giggles, laughter, eyes, nose, mouth, rolls, expressions, chubby hands, everything. We just want to eat him up we love him so.

You've been up to way too much this month!
  • You started eating baby foods and solids this month. Your favorites are puffs, sweet potatoes, eggs and you even tried a loved spaghetti!
  • You crawled right before you turned 6 months. Full on crawling!
  • You are slowly starting to pull yourself up on things
  • You can sit up all by yourself
  • You are very very ticklish
  • You are easy going. Our road trip to Florida was so nice. You hardly made a peep! 
  • You are happy happy. Someone just has to look at you and you greet them with a smile.
  • I love to kiss your little mouth. That baby breath is the best:) 
  • You've grown out of the swing and rock and sleep.
  • You love the jump and go! We say bouncy bouncy and you start jumping
  • You are FAST! It's been a little hard to make sure floors are kept of little things that you can choke on. 
  • Now that you are bigger Luke and Kate have decided to play more rough with you. You've started a little wrestling with them. Playful of course:)
  • Luke really likes to try and pick you up now. He also likes to put you in his lap.
  • You are pretty good about playing contently with your toys and your brother and sisters toys.