Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Caleb is 3 months old!

Our little stud of a man is 3 months! You are growing way to fast. Before your 2 month check-up {which should have been more like your 2-1/2 month check-up} I was curious as to how tall you were going to measure. You didn't seem to be fitting into any of the cute footed pajamas I'd put Luke in at this stage. Sure enough we found you're 98 percentile in height {on the cuff of 99%}. This seems to make you look older then a 2 month old baby! You also got your shots and didn't handle them well. That night was a tough night. As I'm writing I realized I never gave you tylenol. Poor baby, that would have probably helped the pain!

It was again another busy crazy month. We managed to get sick AGAIN! I'm reminded, the more kids you have the more sick you get. And when you get sick you ALL get sick. Kate had her 2 year birthday, so much fun! My write up for her is coming soon. I just started a new business venture with Nerium {super excited about}. Kate hit her terrible 2's {I totally forgot how bad that was, now x's by two since she has a sibling in the house she constantly has to share with}.

BUT this little one's sweet smiles, giggles, sour milk smell is what kept me getting through the month. Even if it was coupled with vomiting, screaming, crying, nagging, arguing, fighting, etc. Even Luke and Kate are my sweetest little angels if 90% of them this month was the above stated:).

This is what you've been up to this month:

  • You like sitting in your Bumbo 
  • You like tummy time
  • You rolled over for the first time at around 13 weeks old
  • You reach and grab for your toys
  • You like to scratch at fabrics
  • Your sleeping patterned changed a little this month. Regressed. Hopefully this new month will change!
  • You are really tall and can't fit in any of your footed pjs. 
  • It's been hard keeping you swaddled at night. You're in between sizes in blankets and you kick and break through! (I think this is part of the reason you wake up so often at night). I just recently double swaddled and it seemed to work! You slept and stayed swaddled:).
  • You love when we talk to you and make funny sounds. It makes you laugh.
  • You're ticklish. Specifically your inner thighs, bottom, chest and feet. I guess that's anywhere!
  • You follow our voices and movement
  • You laugh and smile a lot
  • Mommy really likes how much you engage now. You talk and say so much in those sweet big gray eyes
  • Mommy also likes how you look up at her while nursing. It melts my heart. You only have eyes for me;)
  • You coo. When I get close and talk {sometimes I talk right into your mouth} you talk back to me. 
  • You love to move. Mr. Wiggleworm! When we hold you out it's like you're swimming, you kick and move those hands out so fast! 
  • You are quite wobbly. It's fun to see you just look around and wobble. Still learning to move those body parts:)
  • You are one lucky guy to have such great entertainers in your brother and sister. They LOVE to entertain you. Playing with you on your activity mat is one of their favorites. 
  • You got whacked with a ball already. You were startled and cried. 
  • Your brother and sister are constantly showering you with hugs and kisses.