Saturday, January 11, 2014

Annual Yahoo Farms Visit

We had a lot of fun at Yahoo Farms back in October. This was our third trip to the sweet family owned farm. Luke liked picking out his pumpkins. He carried his pumpkin everywhere. I could tell he felt like such a big boy picking them up and carrying them around. He still hasn't been brave enough to ride the pony yet. We stood in line with him and when we were next he backed-out. This year they had a bounce house and Luke was in there most the time we visited. We also had a fun time going through the corn-maze.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kate is 9 months old

This month we celebrated Kate's first Christmas! We had so much fun with family and enjoyed some yummy festive baking, food, music, laughter and lots of playing. Kate has been having lots of fun playing with cousins and dogs. She loves older kids.

I forgot to mention this the last three months that went by but Kate has been wearing the same size diapers as Luke (size 4), it's crazy! It's also really convenient when I shop for diapers or even when I'm just trying to make sure I remember to refill the diaper bag.

This month was another month of ear infections and colds. Poor Kate just got done finishing up her fourth round of antibiotics and third ear infection. Her last round of antibiotics consisted of three rounds of shots that had to be taken everyday for three days. With it came a nasty butt rash. We just had an appointment with a pediatric ENT and more then likely we'll have to get tubes put in Kate's ears. We're waiting until the end of this month to see if the fluid has cleared. Poor Kate! She does seem to have a pretty high pain tolerance though. The doctor said the ear infections were bad and the only fuss Kate gave us were during nap times and bed time. During the day we would never have thought she was in pain.

This is what you have been up to this month!
  • You are starting to wave
  • You clap on command
  • You like to "run" {crawl} and hide in the corner of chairs when we say "fee-fi-fo-fum"
  • You play peek a boo with sheets and pull the blanket over your head
  • You've become quite the flirt and turn away quickly when people look at you and then turn back to look at them with a bashful look
  • You love love love to eat. You eat so much more then your big brother actually. It's really cute and you have really good pincer grasp skills
  • We've had to go to the doctor several times this month and you've been so cooperative with them checking your ears.
  • You stood alone to balance for the first time
  • You still like to try and keep up with Luke and you're pretty feisty when it comes to you and him competing for toys
  • You've learned how to fake laugh from Luke
  • You and Luke play in the car together. He'll try and cheer you up when you get tired of sitting in your seat
  • You did much better on our road trip to Florida, thanks to Luke helping entertain you.
  • You're still very attached to Mommy lately. You usually do fine when you don't see me unless you actually see me leave the room, then you flip out! I have to sneak out of the room so you don't make a scene.
  • You have the sweetest most contagious smile