Sunday, December 15, 2013

Katelyn is 8 months old

Another month flew by, I'm a little late with the Christmas hustle and bustle. It's hard to believe we're just 4 months away from celebrating Katelyn's first birthday {sniff, tear}. We had such a fun time with family this month, celebrating Kate's first Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, the last couple months have been a little rough for her. Last month she was teething and since Halloween she had a really bad cold that turned into RSV and a double ear infection. Just this past weekend the pain of the ear infections has subsided and she is returning back to her sweet and cheery self. The poor thing had to have breathing treatments during the day for over a week long. Any moms with small babies, if you hear the word RSV run in the other direction! Now that Kate's had it they've told us it will effect her when she gets the common cold and she may have to have breathing treatments again if she wheezes.

There has been such a big change going from one child to two. With Luke, Mommy and Daddy did the entertaining. This time around, we entertain, but Luke has been doing most of the entertaining. I've been loving the evening time when I get dinner ready and I can hear Luke and Kate giggling in the family room. Luke and Kate crawl and chase one another as well as play hide-and-seek. Luke really likes to throw blankets over Kate and say, Where's Kate? She likes it too:).

Here's what are sweet sweet girl has been up to this month.
  • You clap, it's adorable!
  • You may know the "more" sign. I've been noticing you bring your hands together when you want more food in your mouth.
  • You love, love, love table food. In fact, we're pretty close to cutting out baby food completely.
  • You love playing with other kids and light up with big smiles and squeals when they play.
  • When you're excited you twirl your feet.
  • You also kick legs and arms when you're excited.
  • You like to be apart of the excitement and don't like to miss out on anything.
  • You can muscle your way through things and are pretty feisty. Even though Luke may be bigger you're not shy if getting what you want from him.
  • You are always pulling yourself up to standing on furniture and toys and you are even starting to furniture walk.
  • You love bath time. Luke likes bath time with you also. When I take you out he's always begging me to put you back in to keep playing.
  • You got teef! You got your first couple of teeth on the bottom and I think you may be getting a top tooth in.
  • You like to grab and pull hair.
  • You like to touch peoples faces. It's your way of saying hi to people. It's really cute:)
  • You are a Momma's girl. I'm really enjoying this one. Luke was a Daddy's boy at your age and always wanted Daddy. But you are wanting Mommy right now. I have to hide from you sometimes:)
  • Luke tries to make you laugh and scrunches his eyes and face when he does. You copy him and now close your eyes when you smile sometimes. Some of the pictures below show it.
  • You've been saying "ba ba ba"
  • Luke likes to help and teach you new sounds.
  • You make cute sounds and squeals.

And here we are again. You are so adorable. We love you so!

These last ones were taken to show the personalities of Luke and Kate shine through. This is how they interact on a daily basis. So cute:)