Saturday, January 14, 2012

Luke is 11 Months Old

Really?! I still can't believe it. When he turns 1 we still won't believe it. This was a busy month of fun with family. Luke had his first Christmas, first New Years, first Birthday with Mommy/Daddy, first steps, full walking, first clap and so much more. I think Luke must have realized his first birthday was just around the bend and thought it would be best to catch up on his milestones;)!

A little of what Luke was like this month:
  • He's a little daydreamer. 
  • He's a little observer and copycat. With Elli in town, Luke would sit and watch her. It looked like he was just soaking in every little thing she did. When she left we realized he had picked up on alot of things she was doing. i.e. learned to use a pacifier, mimics some of her sounds, eats better, etc.
  • He loves to put toys in and out of bins. He watched Daddy one day throwing something in the trash can. When Daddy walked away Luke opened the lid to the trash can and tossed the toy he was playing with in the trash! I think we may have to routinely check the trash now for toys or any other items he may want to throw away:).
  • He walks! His first two steps were back in the first week of December. He started full on walking during Christmas break. 
  • He claps and it's so cute! His first clap was about two days after Christmas.
  • He got his first BAD cold. The poor guy had a fever for about 4 days and a snotty nose for two weeks. He lost his voice and couldn't even cry. Christmas day was the worst for him. He was so sick all he wanted to do was lay on Mommy and Daddy the whole day. 
  • Luke is still slow in the eating solids department. He loves his starches, dairies and meats but he still has a hard time with the fruit and veggies. We know he likes them because he'll eat them as baby food so we've concluded it's a texture issue and that we'll have to work him through it. This means much patience for Mommy and Daddy:). 
  • He's really good at signing "milk" but we've now noticed he thinks the "milk" sign may mean getting something he wants. We're working on other signs for "more, please, pacifier, Mommy and Daddy."
  • He definitely likes kids and notices the difference. 
~Here's our Munchkin at 11 Months~

A Week of Non-Stop Fun

Eric, Lauren and little Elli spent the week after Christmas with us. It's amazing how much more laughter you have when you add babies to the mix. Luke was so happy to have someone his age to play with. It was hilarious to watch them interact together and see how fast they learn to share or not to share, imitate and observe. Luke was a little observer and now that Elli is gone I see that he has picked up some of her quirks. He seems to be a little copycat.

Some memorable moments:
  • Luke and Elli playing together.
  • Luke and Elli's baby babble banter. It was almost like they were telling each other, "This is my toy and you can't play with it."
  • Our visits to the park.
  • Their cute little hiney's together in the tub. 
  • Our time at the indoor play gym. If you scroll to the photos you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. It was a place filled with sweaty smelly kids and Elli and Luke were by far the youngest in the mix. We had fun sending them down the different slides, playing in the ball pen and seeing them do a good wipe-out every now and then. They LOVED it!
Some things Luke learned from watching Elli:
  • Luke full on started walking while they were in town. 
  • Luke learned to clap. 
  • Luke started to eat a little more solids. Elli was such a good little eater.
Uncle Eric, Aunt Lauren and Cousin Elli; we had so much fun with you guys. These little ones' bring us all so much joy and laughter. We look forward to all the trouble they cause with our next visit;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Luke's First Christmas

It's time to play catch up!! Phew, this month was a whirlwind of fevers, coughs, steps, giggles, lights, food, games, laughter, tears, drinks, cheers, jokes and so much more! Luke's first Christmas was a blast! Despite Luke being horribly sick for Christmas he was a real trooper. We spent the early morning in our new home. We kept the gifts simple this year. Luke got puffs in his stocking and a Car's themed ride toy. They were both real hits! Dave took Luke for a spin before we left for Grammy and Grampa's house. We packed our things and jumped in the car to finish the rest of the day with my family. I've never seen so many toys for two little babies {Cousin Elliana was there too}!

Grammy and Grampa {you guys out did yourselves, I may have a left off a gift or two}: two walking toys, foam puzzle mat, tool set, bath toys, magnet toys, xlephone, clothes, jack in the box
Aunt Sharon: dump trunk
Uncle Eric and Aunt Lauren: Overalls, Thomas the Train movie, Little People toys
Omi and Opa: walking wooden doggie and the cutest little outfit!
Uncle Mark, Aunt Krystal and cousins Kendall, Kayla and Grant: Veggie Tales, grippie socks, teething toy and touch and feel book

Thank you everyone for Luke's first Christmas gifts!!!

Two days after Christmas Luke started clapping for the first time. He now does it everyday:)

Here are some photos of the week.
In most of these photo Luke looks a little out of it because he was so sick.