Monday, October 24, 2011

We've got a tooth!

Last night Luke got his first tooth! It's the top one and it explains a whole lot of things. The drooling, chewing on everything, tugging of the ears (which Mommy thought was an ear infection and went in for a visit to find out it wasn't), fussiness, stirring through the night, loss of appettie, so many things. Then later this evening I was checking on the new tooth and saw that a bottom tooth was coming in. It literally happened through the day because I checked in the morning and it wasn't there. Oh, and one more thing; I wouldn't be surprised if Luke starts walking in two months if not sooner. He started cruising and he literally pulls himself up without holding onto furniture and stands by himself. The longest stand I've counted so far is ten seconds! All we need is for one foot to step forward and we're walking;).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Luke is 8 Months Old!

Well another month went by and our little man is now 8 months old! I think he may have had a little growth spurt too because his clothes are getting a little snug {I literally had to keep his buttons undone on his pants while we were running errands}. We had lots of fun with Luke this month. We've decided that our little one will not be taking life seriously anytime soon, in fact maybe never. He laughs at the serious things, the little things and the big things. One day we were driving home in Dave's truck {yes, you guessed right, all three of us on a bench seat} and I looked at Luke to see him trying to fall asleep, head looking away from me and giggling with his eyes shut! Don't get me wrong though, Luke has his moments of fussiness and crying. (Those are usually in the evening:).

There is always so much to say with every month that goes by. We're trying our hardest to soak in every moment. We love watching him explore; his toys, the trees, the grass, Mommy's hair, Daddy's scruffles, the carpet, the ridges in the wood floor, everything! We love chasing him around saying "Mommy/Daddy's gonna get you!" as Luke squeals and jumps to his hands and knees, and starts hauling 'bootie' away from us. He also loves to play "peek-a-boo" or should I say, "where's is Luke?!"

What else is there, oh yes, we've weaned him off nursing. He's now strictly a bottle-fed formula baby. Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to some early evenings out together without the worry of coming home early to nurse. When I first started the weaning process I had no idea how hard it was going to be.  I was sad, emotional, and maybe even somewhat depressed at times. Let's just say my hormones were getting the best of me.

Some of the things we LOVE about Luke
  • We call him sticky fingers.  He has such teeny tiny hands that some how pick up pretty big things. We swear they stick to his sweaty little hands and that's how he picks them up!
  • Mommy LOVES his baby's breath. It's so sweet and yummy:) You know how you love puppy breath, well the same goes for babies:)
  • He has stinky, smelly, sweaty feet! One time, Sharon (sister) and I were out shopping. I let Luke crawl around and play in the store. He pulled himself up on some furniture and was standing and bouncy up and down on his feet. He slipped and fell and when we picked him up we saw a puddle of sweat on the floor. He slipped on his sweaty feet!
  • He is happy happy happy. One very content little baby.
  • We've noticed he's a little sensitive. At first, most men are scary to him. I'm catching on and thinking it may be a facial hair thing. Also, when he's tired he doesn't like for you to stare at him. If you do, he'll pout and then start crying.
  • He may have a little seperation anxiety or maybe he just wants to be held by Mommy and Daddy just a little bit longer during the evenings and after naps. If we put him down to play too soon, he wails!
  • He is starting to slowly eat finger foods. I have to put them in his mouth in order for him to eat it. He hasn't quite mastered putting the food into his mouth yet. He likes to pick up the pieces and drop them in his chair.
  • Mommy is teaching him how to hug, kiss and wave.
  • He's learned how to climb up the stairs.
  • He likes to crawl under the coffee table and pull off all the magazines to eat.
  • He crawls FAST and with such determination! We love hearing him slap his hands on the floor and take deep breaths to get to his toys (and also to things he's not allowed to touch).
  • It's cute to watch him play outside in the grass. (At first he wasn't quite sure what to think of the prickly green stuff:)
  • He's starting to say the ma ma ma sounds alot more.
  • He talks ALOT. It's so cute to hear him get certain sounds out.
  • He plays in his crib. I keep a teething toy in his crib and usually when I put him down for naps or in the evening he'll play and talk until he gets tired enough to sleep.
  • In the same sentence sometimes he will protest his sleep. This makes Mommy stressed. She wishes her sweet little one will realize he's tired and that's why he's crying.
  • He likes to close his mouth and breath/blow through his nose.
  • He likes to kick and tap his left foot. When we put him down for bed and his naps we can hear the thumping from downstairs.
  • When he's happy and excited he twirls his hands and feet.
  • He looks at things from the side (he'll cock his head), it's so cute. It's almost like he wants to look at things from a different perspective.
  • He likes to cough and copy you when you cough.
  • He likes to open drawers and cabinets.
  • He likes to play with kitchen utensils. He keeps him nice and busy so Mommy likes this!
  • When he pulls himself up to standing he'll pull away and stand by himself for a couple of seconds before he falls.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch!

Luke saw his first pumpkins at The Yahoo Farm Pumpkin Patch. He spent most of his time smacking the pumpkins and playing with the stems. We think he liked feeling all the different textures. He was definitely getting lots of attention from onlookers. One lady even wanted to take pictures of him. He was as happy as could be having free reign of the pumpkin patch. While we were there Luke also got to see farm animals for the first time. He saw a pony, chickens, hens and goats!