Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun!

This summer has been so much fun. Luke has been able to meet so much of our family. Here are some moments from the summer!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luke is 5 Month's Old-

OH MY GOSH. I say this every month and everyone is probably tired of me saying it, but these months fly by! We had so much fun this month. We celebrated Dave's first Father's Day as an incredible Daddy, Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary (with a surprise right hand ring) and 4th of July with Aunt Sharon, Uncle Eric, Aunt Lauren and Cousin Elliana in town. With Luke and Elli being the first grandchildren we had lots of other family come to visit as well. We spent another week away from home with Luke a little older. He did pretty well but Mommy and Daddy can definitely tell that Luke likes his schedule/routine and loves his own bed. His naps and sleeping through the night weren't as long. I think he liked to socialize and would rather be awake hanging out with everyone!

Here are some of the things Luke was up to this month:
  • We started him on solids! This has been alot of fun. He loves his rice cereal and mashed bananas.
  • He rolls both ways and sometimes even double rolls.
  • He is trying his hardest to crawl. With cousin Elli in town and 2 months ahead, she crawled in circles around Luke. I think Luke was thinking; I need to step it up a notch and try this! It is so cute. He gets a burst of excitement and scoots. He also gets on his knees. He hasn't quite learned how to get his mid-section off the floor but he tries really hard!
  • His Daddy taught him to blow bubbles under water when we're at the pool.
  • We're teaching him sign language.
  • When you hold him he likes to crawl up you.
  • He's budded his first tooth!
  • When on his stomach he can raise his chest, supported by his arms.
  • He reaches for objects.
  • He turns by moving his arms from side to side to get to an object.
  • He squeals and giggles.
  • He likes to play peek-a-boo.
  • He thinks Rufus and Beau are funny and laughs and giggles when they sit close to him or walk past him.

Some of the pitfalls for the month
  • With Luke starting solids his poops have gotten more messy! There were a couple times I almost gagged! On average he has three blow-outs a day:(.
 Luke's 5 Month Photo Shoot!