Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Luke is 3 Months Old!

We're a little late with the posting but Luke is 3 months old! His next doctor's appointment is at 4 months so we don't have any updates on his height and weight. It seems like he's still growing but still has plenty of room in those 3 month clothes. We'll see if he grows out of them by the end of the month.

We were again busy busy this month with some Hi's and Low's. I sadly had to make a tough decision to leave my side business partnership due to some differing opinions on how to maintain the business. I have however decided to continue in floral design and just completed my first wedding on my own!

I started back to work, working from home. I am so thankful and blessed to work for a company who were willing to allow this. With my commute from Dallas to Atlanta it would not have been enjoyable for me to continue knowing I was missing out on Luke's first moments. I have truly enjoyed getting back into the swing of things. Dave has been a huge support and encourager by watching Luke while I work in the study. It's been nice to take a break every few hours to hang out with my two favorite boys:).

I celebrated my first Mother's Day which was surreal. It's still really hard for me to think that I'm a MOTHER. It's even harder for me to think that I'm 27 and I'm old enough to be a mother. I still have really vivid memories of me being a little girl hanging out with my Mommy! Now, several years later I have a child of my own. I now understand the kind of love my Mom/parents have for me. People would tell me once I had a child you will experience a love that can't be felt by/for anyone else. I didn't understand this until I saw Luke for the very first time on February 10, 2011. I can honestly say I never boohoo'd more tears of joy in my entire life until that moment. I NEVER felt the love I had for this little being with anyone else. He's so small, fragile and beautiful. It really put God’s love for us in perspective immediately. I understood more then ever the love God has for us by sending his ONLY son to die for our sins so that we can live for eternity with him. I see why God created this moment for a husband and a wife to experience.

We had guests in town from Florida one week and then following we had Grammy and Pop-Pop come to visit from Tampa! Last and possibly the greatest thing of all we finally closed on our house and are soon to be moving! 

Some of our favorite things:
  • When we hear Luke playing by himself so intently we like to sneak in the room to see what he's up too.
  • He giggles when you smile. He laughs when you laugh. I think it's contagious to him.
  • He has went from eating every 2 hours during the day to every 3 hours. That's 5-6 feedings in a day instead of 8! This is HUGE!
  • He went from sleeping 6 hours in the night to now 8 or more hours! There are have been a handful of nights where he slept for 11 hours. I'm thinking by 4 months we'll be able to get him on this schedule:).
  • He LOVES his play gym. He stares at the animals and actually can grab them knowing that he's grabing them.
  • When he's looking in the other direction we can call his name and he'll turn to find us.
  • He's starting to not mind tummy time.
  • He's almost rolling. By 4 months he should get the hang of it!
  • He sits up and stands up so well. (of course we are holding him while he does this)
  • His cry is still pretty adorable and he has that bottom lip pout he likes to show us.
  • He LOVES ceiling fans.
  • He's our little Koala bear right now. When he lays on his back he brings his feet together and almost clasps them.
  • He'll give you a big sweet smile right before he pukes all over you.
  • When he takes his naps he likes the blanket to cover his face.
  • Some of my nicknames for Luke are: Wittle Wuke (may need to be careful with this one, it could cause him to have a speech impediment!) Little Munchkin, Doodle Bug, Little Stinker, Messy Luke, Stinky Luke, Little Man, etc.
  • Luke is very animated. I think we may have a little comedian on our hands in the future:).
  • Luke is a huge flirt.
Some of our not so favorite things:
  • He still spits up ALOT! When I say alot I mean he more like hurls. It's so embarrassing when someone wants to hold him, it never fails, he almost always pukes on them. To me my curdled breastmilk is tolerable but to someone else it's probably disgusting. It's so embarrassing.
  • He still has diaper blow-outs which causes lots of laundry loads and spot cleaning his carseat:(.
Last and possibly the best part, is Luke's 3 Month Photo Shoot!