Saturday, June 20, 2015

Katelyn turns 2!

Our spicy, sweet, friendly, outgoing, life of the party, comical, brave, adventurous, independent firecracker turned two! Her favorite's these days are bunnies and pink so this was a fitting theme. We are so thankful God brought Kate into our lives. She fills our house with so much joy and laughter. There isn't a day that goes by that we burst into laughter with her silly sayings and mannerisms. She adores her older brother and mimics all that he does. In fact, she is certain the color 'blue' is not 'blue' but 'wuke' because she knows that is his favorite color. She's our girly yet doesn't mind get dirty and playing rough girl. She loves to twirl and wear dresses but can also play super heroes and legos with Luke. She is confident and strong. Our prayer is these amazing attributes she exemplifies now, will carry through to the rest of her life. We pray that she understands the Lord created her uniquely and individually set her apart, that she won't be swayed by her peers. She is beautiful inside and out. We are overjoyed. 

We had such a fun time celebrating you. You LOVED your birthday party and loved when everyone sang you happy birthday. You were so good at making everyone feel welcomed too. You loved your marshmallow craft {you kept eating the marshmallow's} and pin the tail on the bunny. You were a pro at opening presents and it looked like you might have enjoyed reading the cards just as much as the presents.

Some things we love about you:
  • You dress yourself. You even put your shoes on by yourself
  • You like to change diapers. Whether it's Caleb's diaper or your stuffed animals.
  • You like to be bossy. Luke was in time out and you went to him and said, "Wuke, you need to say sorry, you need to look me in the eyes and say sorry"
  • You had an imaginary friend for a while. He was a lion and you used to always say at meal times that, "The lion bite my toes"
  • You are messy messy. You love to paint yourself with sauces and food. When we play outside you quickly find the dirt and rub it all over your arms and legs. This drives me just a little bit crazy:)
  • When you think someone is not being nice you yell, "not nice!"
  • You are very independent and even buckle yourself in your seat
  • You communicate very well for a 2 year old. You've even memorized bible verses and Psalm 23 with Luke
  • You still like to sleep with your blanket and put it in your mouth.
  • You have your favorite stuffed animals and you switch out which ones you want to sleep with at night.
  • You and your brother share a room as of when you were 19 months. You aren't so good at staying in your bed at night. You like to cause a little trouble at bed time i.e. playing with the pictures above your bed, running to Luke's bed, playing behind the curtains and bringing toys into your bed. You make us laugh when we catch you in the act. You are so cute when you're in trouble. It makes it very hard to discipline. 

Luke turns 4!

I can't believe my baby is 4!! It was a toss up as to whether or not Luke would get a birthday party this year. His baby brother was going to be arriving very close to his birthday and I wasn't sure I could pull things off. Luke is so outgoing and loves to party not to mention he has the most appreciation for decorations then anyone else I know! Which makes him most deserving of party {I think}.

Luke was all about super heroes this year so it was a given this would have to be the theme. We threw it at a local high school gym. Perfect for easy set up and clean up. PLUS, the kids had complete freedom to do whatever they wanted {parents could sit back and relax}. I wanted to have a couple easy games {super hero related} the kids could play while also just playing around the gym. I showed my husband these easy and cheap ideas and of course he went above and beyond recreating all of them and making them look way better then I ever imagined. Him and his Dad made a cool bat cave with 'lasers' shooting across each side the kids would have to crawl through, a scary green alien with a slot cut out that kids had to throw Captain America's shield into, an evil villian with targets that kids had to shoot, a spider web with different point levels they had to toss corn sacks at and a machine they had to throw grenades in to blow up! While playing the kids would be able to earn tickets at each station and at the end could win different prizes. Just like Chuck-E-Cheese but WAY cheaper. The kids had so much fun and LOVED collecting tickets.

Luke, you had so much fun and of course were so happy and appreciative. You loved having your friends surrounding you to celebrate YOU!

Luke, we are so incredibly in love with you. Your love, compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, gentleness, sensitivity, patience at your age astonishes us. You teach us so much. You are also so silly, animated and outgoing. You already have a love for Jesus and God and know He loves you. We are so proud of the boy you are.

Things you love:
  • Your brother. You call him, 'my baby.' You told me I had to have another baby for Katelyn.
  • Your sister. You two started sharing a room a couple months ago and it was the easiest and best thing we could have ever done. Kate likes to climb up in your bed hang out with you. There have been a couple times she wouldn't go to bed right away and I would watch you go to her bed and sing, pray and tuck her in. It's so sweet it melts my heart. 
  • You are still great at memorizing and enjoy doing it. You have tons of books, songs and scriptures memorized. Your longest verse is Psalm 23
  • We signed you up for your first sport, soccer. You had your first practice last week. You were so cute to watch! You looked like such a big boy too. You are loving it and always want to wear your soccer cleats and jerseys. 
  • You are always so helpful around the house and do a great job being a good example to your sister. 
  • You are a chatterbox. You talk and talk and talk and are very persistent with making sure we are actually listening.
  • You are a great leader and make a great friend to others.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Caleb is 4 Month's Old

Oh my goodness this sweet bundle of cuteness is 4 months old. He has done so much this month it's crazy. I just want him to slow it down. I'm pretty sure he's our last and he's hitting his milestones a little to early for my liking:). We had a fun month!

This is what you were up too:

  • I love to hold you up over my head and watch you give me big smiles and giggles
  • You are ticklish. Just a little rub on the chest with my knuckle will get the giggles out
  • You are laid back. We were just noticing how you don't make a peep in the car.
  • You started teething and it looks and sounds like it's pretty painful
  • Luke and Kate love to play with you and make you laugh. You LOVE to watch them and are very entertained by them. You are constantly looking around for them and following them.
  • You rolled over! So early too. Maybe 1 week after your 3 month birthday. You roll from back to belly and belly to back. That's the first thing you do when I put you down. 
  • It's looks like you are already trying to crawl! You 'swim' when you are on your belly.
  • Once you started rolling I moved you into the sleep sack. I was so sad so have you out of the swaddle. Now you like to sleep on your belly.
  • You like to take naps in your bed or in your swing but you have to be swaddled tight with your face covered if you are in the swing.
Here you are in all your cuteness!