Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kate's 4 Month doctor check-up

Kate had her 4 month check-up and did great. I was most excited to see what her new weigh-in would be and she comes in at a whopping 14 lbs 5 ounces! The doctor said she had a healthy amount of rolls:). She was talking/cooing/squealing away during her check-up; even up until the first prick from the shots and then all of a sudden her happy little face turned into a sad little face. It's so sad that they have no idea where the pain comes from. She looked so sad but the tears and cries quickly went away when Daddy and Luke consoled her. Luke was a good big brother too. He was happy to find a good read {Disney Cars} while we were in the exam room. Here are some pics from the event!

Weight: 14 pounds 5 ounces 50-75 percentile
Height: 25 inches 75-90 percentile
Head: 41 centimeters 50 percentile

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Luke's first day of preschool!

Luke had his first day of preschool today!! Oh my goodness, he was just too cute about the whole idea. In the weeks leading up I was preparing Luke for the idea; letting him know he would meet his teacher, play on a playground with big kids and make new friends. Finally that day arrived and Luke was more then ready for the big day. Before heading on the road he was a little upset that we couldn't bring Kate along. He kept saying, "Bring Kate, bring Kate." I thought he was going to cry about it. When we got to the school and he stepped foot in the classroom, he immediately dropped his book-bag to the floor and ran straight for the toys. It was harder for me to leave him then it was for him!

I tried not to think too much about what I was doing and only got teary eyed. As I drove away I panicked, realizing this was the first time I've left him somewhere that I couldn't get to him easily {or I wasn't in the room next to him}. It was a very scary feeling which then quickly turned into comfort realizing he was with staff that would love on him and show him God's love.

Thankfully it was just a two hour day for the tots {I think they intended this for parents too}, I was ready to see my baby as soon as I got home from dropping him off! When I got to his classroom their was no Luke in sight {wasn't too worried because I saw him in the classroom next door}. The teacher informed me Luke was just a little too old for the "younger 2's" class and was bumped up to "younger 3's." Luke's birthday falls right in the middle of the transition point and I had a feeling he was a little young for that class too. So I saw him finishing up with finger paint. He was so happy. It took us a few minutes to leave his classroom because he wanted to wear his backpack out and he refused to let Mommy help him put it on. So it took a little time but he got it on all by himself. He already wants to be a big boy after just one day of school!

We are so happy Luke gets the opportunity to go to preschool and interact and socialize with other kids. He is a very social and outgoing little guy. Thanks Grammy and Pa-Pa for the full-ride scholarship;). Luke is very happy:).

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kate is 4 Months Old

Happy 4 months Kate and we have a roller! This happened a few weeks back. She did three in a row and I even got one on video. This time it was all on her own without any momentum. She still doesn't like tummy time much and that's probably why she was rolling over. She's done it a handful of times since the first time.

I've realized something that has been quite nice this go around. Kate doesn't spit up! Luke would spit up ALL THE TIME. We would have to change his clothes five times a day {plus my clothes}. She can wear the same outfit all day long. It's so nice to not have to mention or warn others she spits-up before they hold her {hmmm maybe that's why she gets held more, poor Luke} and she doesn't have to wear burp bibs!

What you've been up too

  • My nicknames for you are Squishy, Chunker Monker, Dough Ball, Pudger and Girly Girl
  • You love to watch your brother and give him big smiles when he plays with you.
  • You sleep 12 hours during the night and you nurse every 2-3 hours during the day. That means just 5x's in a 24 hour period. This is huge!!
  • When you are crying Luke says, "Mommy, feed Kate. Kate hungry."
  • You are now in size three diapers. To put things in perspective; Luke wasn't in size three diapers until he was over 1-1/2 old :).
  • You have also outgrown the boppy when you nurse. 
  • You are very bashful with Daddy. When he looks at you, you give him flirty eyes and big smiles and then turn away.
  • You focus very hard when playing with your toys and love to feel and touch them. 
  • You are starting to loose lots of your hair:(. I see a little blonde coming in. 
  • You are very strong and sit up well {With Mommy's help of course}.
  • You like to sit in your Bumbo.
  • I'm afraid you may be getting into the teething stage. There has been lots of drooling and nawing of the gums. 
  • Your cry has reached another decibel.
  • You like to clasp your hands.
  • You like to touch our faces. Luke likes this alot and it makes him giggle.
  • You are still not a fan of tummy time
  • We were out-and-about one day and I had a British Mom tell me that you were lovely, just lovely and all your hair was so lovely:) So now I call you lovely too {in a British accent of course}.
  • You can roll from back to belly and belly to back. 
  • Within the next couple of days I'm sure you will be ready to upgrade to the sleep sack instead of being swaddle. You've been moving and scooting in bed.
  • You like to squeal when you're excited. 

And lastly our photo shoot:)

Young Summer Vacation

This year the Young family went to Hilton Head for our Summer Vacation. Every year I look forward to this time spent away with family. It gets everyone away from distraction and focused on each other. We had quite an adventure this year. The kids encountered their first horse shoe crab and sand dollar. Luke and Elli took turns 'one-upping' each other the entire trip; from who can swim under water the longest,  to jumping in the water, getting in the ocean and playing tug-of-war with their toys. I love watching them play. They look like twins together! Luke was very brave this trip and fearless in the ocean. If I didn't grab his hand while in the ocean he would've went in any way, in fact he did go in any way. He loved swimming with Daddy to the deep-end and jumping over the big waves.

This was the summer of rain and that was no exception for this trip. We set up tent on the beach one of the days and not too much later we saw dark clouds in the distance. Most people started packing up but we decided to stick it out. We made it through! Then it was calm until we saw another storm in the distance. The next one came with some massive winds. We each had to grab an end of the tent so it wouldn't fly away and keep in mind we still have Luke and Kate out there. A lifeguard came up to us and said she would highly recommend us taking our tent down. By that time it was too late. I started freaking out of course and decided last minute I better head back to the hotel for cover. I'm sure I looked funny running with stroller, bags and toddler in tote in the torrential downpour.

Kate did OKAY this trip. She did not like to sleep in the pack-and-play or anywhere really. She woke up often through the night and her longest nap was for maybe an hour. When we got back home she was back to her normal routine of 12 hour nights and 2 hour naps. While we were on our trip I wondered if she was teething or something but I think she just wanted to sleep in her crib the whole time. Little stinker!

Here are some pictures from the trip! Luke's favorite thing to do at the pool; 'pinning' in circles:).